"Calligraphy Like a Pro!"

Learn a simple 4-Step System to gain SERIOUS pointed-pen calligraphy skillz. 

So you can stop feeling clueless and start feeling CONFIDENT! 

Here's what you'll take away from this FREE workshop:

  • The exact tools you need to get started, so you don't waste your time and money buying the wrong shiz!
  • The 3 things you're probably doing wrong with pointed-pen calligraphy (that are actually SO SIMPLE to fix!)
  • Concrete tips to smooth out and improve your calligraphy... in just 20 minutes a day
  • My signature 4-Step System for finally mastering calligraphy (even if you don't think you can) 
  • A proven way to gain confidence in your calligraphy - so you can start living a life filled with more creativity and purpose!

Hey - I'm Shinah! I used to be miserable corporate attorney desperate for creativity...and now I spend my days creating calligraphy art that inpires! I truly believe that ANYONE can learn this beautiful craft - because I've already taught it to THOUSANDS of people, from all different backgrounds. Calligraphy has given me a gorgeous life, and let me work with clients like the ones below. What could it do for you? =)

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